Spices are a commodity, and an expensive one at that. Because of the money involved, there is always the temptation to cut corners or misrepresent something as being worth more than it’s true value. Case in point: saffron. Here’s an expose in Dutch about how corrupt the saffron market really is. How bad is it? So much that a large part of commercially available saffron is corn silk dipped in potentially harmful dye. https://www.npo3.nl/de-saffraan-test

But it’s worth than that. Less expensive spices are also being adulterated and misrepresented, something particularly easy to do when it’s purchased in a powdered form and you never see the whole spice. Take cinnamon for example, it is often full of filler.

At Atomic Spices, we handle of the spices in their whole form before smoking it, making the blends and then grinding it into a powder when ordered. It’s important to know who is behind your food supply, and we believe that spices are too important to leave vulnerable to contamination, substitution or worse.

You are always welcome to request your Atomic Spices freshly ground, in their whole form, or partially prepped for you to grind fresh at home on demand. We stand by our quality and transparency and are continuously working to improve our own supply chain. Please feel free to always contact us with any questions you may have.