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Cold-Smoked spices 

We’ve been cold-smoking spices since 2014. Our spices are cold-smoked under 20 degrees Celsius and hand-blended. You can order the blends already ground or with whole spices for you to grind up fresh as you need it when you’re ready to cook, which we strongly recommend for the most powerful flavor experience. All-natural and without salt, sugar, preservatives. Pure spices, wood-smoked and delicious.

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Our Story

Atomic Spices was created in 2014 on a canal house rooftop in Amsterdam’s celebrated Jordaan neighborhood.The intention has always been to enhance the dining experience through aroma and feeling: playing with smoke, sprinking flower petals and biting into natural fruit peels and citrus-soaked chilies. Letting the tongue feel sharpness, umami and tingles. All with 100% pure spices sourced from the best suppliers: no salt, no additives, no question of quality. 
Atomic Spices stands behind a mission of transparency and sustainability; creating a better product for our customers and planet we all share.
The sense of smell links to the part of the brain where memories are stored, making each meal a journey into the past. Try Atomic Spices and embark on a magical journey from the dinner table. Because every meal should be wondrous. 

the story behind Atomic spices

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