The secret is in the onion marinade, smoky 5-spice and crunch of the rice starch that will make these nuggets disappear from your table so fast. Freezing the tofu before-hand gives it a heartier, firmer texture.


1/2 kilo tofu – approximately 2 large blocks

2 onions, pureed with juice reserved

1 cup rice starch/ low protein rice flour

2 t (10 ml) Atomic Spices 5-Spice

2 T (30 ml) Safflower oil (or other vegetable oil of choice with high heat index appropriate for oven frying)


Baking paper

Sheet pans

Clean bag (paper, plastic, etc.) large enough for shaking nuggets in rice starch mixture

Serving dish


Freeze tofu blocks for 24 hours to firm texture.

Puree onions (or dice finely), reserve juice. Slice thawed tofu into preferred nugget size pieces. Marinate tofu nuggets in onion marinade and juice.

Allow to rest at least 1 hour in refrigerator. (Can be prepared day before.)

Pre-heat oven to around 250 degrees Celsius

Cover sheet pan with baking paper and spread oil over paper.

Pour rice starch, 5-Spice blend and salt into bag. Shake to blend. 

Add tofu nuggets to bag and shake vigorously to cover with rice starch mixture. (Don’t worry about crumbles or onion residue – these crisp up and give a wonderful added crunchy texture to the nuggets.)

Place nuggets on oiled baking paper-covered sheet pan, leaving a little space between each nugget to ensure even crisping.

Place into oven and let bake for 10 – 15 minutes. Check bottom of tofu nugget; if browned, then flip to other side. 

When nuggets are golden brown and crisped, remove from oven and allow to cool. Transfer to serving dish and serve with a sweet chili sauce or other sauce of choice. 

Leftover tips:

1) perfect as the star of a sweet & sour stir-fry 

2) add to a flour tortilla for a lunch wrap treat