Smoked Ceylon Cinnamon


Smoked Cinnamomum verum - "true cinnamon" - deliver quite a different experience than the burning cinnamon, Cassia, you're probably used to. Both come in quills, the roled outer layer of the tree bark. But Ceylon Cinnamon, the true cinnamon, is softer, fruitier but carries a stronger flavor of cinnamon that the hard Cassia cinnamon. There is always the question of origin with cinnamon and if the powdered form is truly just 100% cinnamon, which it often isn't. Atomic Spices Ceylon Cinnamon originates in Sri Lanka and is ground by us in our atelier. Therefore we can promise the truest "True Cinnamon" experience around. And of course, then we smoke it because the combination just tastes and smells incredible. Use it as you would normal cinnamon: over fruit, on toasts, in baked good; for a truly deep intense cinnamon flavor experience.